Meditation with children involves a willing heart, a quiet space, and uninterrupted time. Before you gather you children, here are the supplies you will need to get started.       (no cell phone, TV, music, internet, business call, etc.)

#1,Small table, piano bench, coffee table, or the kitchen table will do. Transform the table at meditation time with a pretty scarf or shawl to signify the change. Find a small symbol reflective of your faith, be it a cross, Buddha, flower, seashell or rock from a family trip. Place a special candle only used for meditation on the table. Lighter and quote or reading that will enhance a discussion.

#2.Gather everyone around and let them know we are going to play a new game with our time. It is called meditation. Light the candle and ask for a reader.

#3.”The creatures that inhabit this earth-be they human beings or animals-are here to contribute, each in its own particular way, to the beauty and prosperity of the world.” Buddha.

Ask each one what it means to be a contribution. How do our own pets, or others, make us happy? How do we take care of them? How do they take care of us? Talk about same dynamic in the family. Allow children to share how they want to feel taken care of this week, and then you share. Go for a silent walk in single file, around the house, noticing nature. Let time slip away, and stay out as long as you like. Point, smile, but no words. Back inside, laugh, share stories, and make tambourines. Decorate a Paper plate, fill with  rocks from walk, fold in half and staple. Put on fun music and dance and sing with your new instruments. Have fun.

Additional Meditations to try at home or in the classroom:




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  1. I will enjoy doing this with my students today! Thanks Peggy.

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