I am excited to offer services to fit you and your group’s need to begin or enlarge your meditative practice.

Available for speak or consult with organizations, churches, groups, or families wanting to incorporate meditation into their already successful lives.

I will meet one on one with a parent, caregiver, and child, to lead a meditation that all will feel peaceful, energized, calm and happy.

My amazing retreat services are offered for one day, one evening, or one week. Your retreat can consist of one or more families, or a group that needs a little extra space and energy to meditate, reflect and relax.

Please let your children join us at Unity on the Plaza, from 9:00-10:10am, on Sunday mornings, to meditate with other children. Ages 6-17 welcome. We discuss our week, play silly games, meditate, take a walk meditation, play more games without words, enjoy nature and then do art. No experience necessary. At the same time, My friend leads a meditation with adults, right across the hall.

phone: 816.507.9971


find me on facebook at Calm Kids.

2 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. Tasjha Dixon said:

    I am a certified yoga and meditation instructor. Just didn’t know if you all had any interest in having someone who would be willing to come weekly and maybe do some yoga/meditation with the children? Or even with the adults? Please contact me if you have further questions. Thank You so very much! Hope to speak to you very soon! 93.708.3985

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