Time for you to relax. The present wrapping, mailing, giving, and getting is over. The gifts adorn your home, the treats fill your belly, the lights still twinkle, and if you stay out of the mall, the masses of shoppers have subsided.

Time for you. Let’s take a minute, or ten, to take in all that has occurred in the last week. Some good, some tolerable, all part of your wonderful life.

Did you get yourself a bell or singing bowl for the holidays? Go ahead, ring the bell. You can find bells anywhere. 3 times. Now breathe. Notice your breath. Notice the beauty of the silence. Or the noise. Just notice your life. Glance around the room and absorb it all. Now breathe again. Close your eyes. You have only this moment to be grateful. Imagine a round stairway leading to your heart.

Walk down the stairs and into your heart. With each careful step you take, think of someone or something you are thankful for and say thank you. Now you have reached the center of your heart. It is beautiful, the way it keeps time, the way it pumps blood in and out. What is it you would like this new year? Is it more quiet time? More grateful moments? More understanding of the benefits of meditation? How would a daily meditation practice enhance all of your life?

Ask your heart the beating question. How can you become more calm? Pleasant? Grateful? Energetic? Breathe into the answer. Wait for the answer. If it does not come now, it will come soon. Hearts are for loving, and thank your heart for all of the times you choose love. Walk back up the stairs and feel your connectedness to the center of your being. Believe you will attract the goodness you want to occur this year. this time. this moment.

Thank your heart for beating without you being in control of that, too. Thank yourself for showing up for all of it. The easy, not so easy, and the somewhat confusing. You made it to the end of 2011.

Promise yourself to come back to yourself soon, if not tonight before bed, tomorrow before the daily activities. Put your self on the list of things to do.

You will listen to the beating of your heart. You will be present to your presence.

You will be one with you.

You are all that is holy and sacred in your life.