KC Royals celebrate being in the World Series



20141015_180920-1The Kansas City Royals certainly helped teachers across this city teach Math(batting averages), History,(29 years since we won the play-offs) and Science (is that statement evidence or hypotheses). The cure to any city is to rally around the long shot, the wild card, and watch them succeed, night after ever loving night. It was a blessing my friends didn’t have cable and came to watch the game with me…night after night! I learned so much about the players and their families. I finally understood the passion for the game! When Hosmer and some other players went to Power and Light, and bought everyone’s liquor, their actions showed me they absolutely loved the fans. What is fascinating is the energy good produces. Family and friends sharing meals into the late hours, and getting up to work without complaint. It seemed as if the whole city was wearing Royal blue, whether or not it was an actual jersey.

Mindfulness is like baseball.

You get together and have good nights and not so good nights. You play your best and hope for the best. The more conscious our city got around winning, the more intent they were around watching. I would say the hours I have spent absorbing baseball was memorizing and nerve shattering. My quiet time can be these polar opposites. Some peaceful Sundays I will meditate on the park bench. As I listen to the fountains and observe the sun dance across the moving water, creating tiny prisms in its path, I am at times memorized by the notion of mindfulness. At other times between high school classes and chaos abounding, taking three deep breathes to tap into my inner resources seem at times hopeless. Yet I know there will be good and not so good meditations. If I continue to show up in the stillness, I know eventually there will be more home runs than strike outs.

Big or tall, short or small

circle of feet upMeditating with children is easy! When we realize we are on level playing fields in the world of silence, it makes sense to take off your shoes and circle up. Explore and experiment with the ways you can go deeper in your heart mind with one another. Games without winners, where everyone who plays is a winner, is a great place to begin. I love the way kids can make anything I do joyous, as if wiggling toes together was the first time for anyone on the planet. Each day is so refreshingly new for them, and I remind myself to allow their innocence to permeate my doubts. Happy feet, happy heart, happy mind, happy silence!

Summer anticipation!

Opportunities of summer gardening are spectacular! A child (and an adult) learn to plant, (getting dirty, pun intended) water, (how we all depend on one another) wait, (a beautiful form of meditation) and enjoy the benefits! If you or a friend planted vegetables, your supper time has more love in the food as you share it with those dear to you. If you planted flowers, you get to enjoy the bug and butterfly life it attracts, as well as the delicious smells. Slow down driving so you can soak in all the new floral colors of the neighborhood and remind yourself all good things take time to produce. Just like you, the flowers need sunshine, water, and waiting time. I hope we can take some time aside for ourselves to get centered and focused among the outdoor beauty.


Blood moon, sad Kansas City, Hopeful tomorrow

Blood moon, sad Kansas City, Hopeful tomorrow

Will you wake up at 2am to see the blood moon? Will you stop and pray and meditate and send healing to the families who lost loved ones to a hate crime? Will you bend down and kiss your kids with the hopeful promise of tomorrow? It is the belief way deep down in your soul that the world is worth it. All that is, and all that can be, will partly depend on us, either shutting down or opening wide! Let us consciously invite peace, Let it permeate our conversations, and infuse in our actions! Where is the hope? In us! in our ability to respond in love and not react in hate! In our amazing resilience to carry on with a knowing that sometimes bad things do happen to good people. Shalom to my friends celebrating Passover, and we will stand in the gap with prayers of love, comfort and compassion.

Olympic Dreamin’

Falling in love with a sport has every person dreaming “what if” these days. For those of us who grew up watching figure skating, especially us! Think about it! The  sparkly outfits, rhinestone galore, gorgeous skates! Not to mention a partner who has the ability to compliment her outfit, as well as toss her up in the air and catch her gracefully every time. This year, the US most talked about figure skating couple who have been skating together for 17 years, are fortunate to have parents that according to them, “parent the same way”. The entire family structure says Respect is the key to success! It gave them a return to the Olympics. Their moms have never missed a competition in 17 years, and tonight was no exception. Besides training for 10 hours a day, this couple says “they support each other, and feel supported by one another”. With all this dedication and mutual respect, you can’t help but fall in love with them. I just love the Olympics for allowing us glimpses of determination that leads to greatness. GO USA! Whatever we are doing at this present moment, let us do it with great enthusiasm!

Squirrel Lesson for Winter Blues

“Living is no laughing matter: you must live with great seriousness like a squirrel for example-I mean without looking for something beyond and above living, I mean living must be your whole occupation.” Nazim Hikmet

I took the opportunity to pack my car, like a squirrel gathering nuts for winter, and headed to the Florida beach. Never spending time there before, I was counting on my family to direct me to a safe place to land, and they did, right in their spare bedroom. The gift of the squirrel is to prepare, and then fully trust its environment. I wasn’t certain what to prepare for, but knew I needed warmth for my arm to heal. The rest ended up being such a beautiful environment of love, and my family became true “cheers” kind of friends! Special thanks to Angie and Phil.

Once we can let go of the future and stay completely present to the moment we are actually living, we really are giving life our full and undivided attention. Work kept blowing up my phone, and finally I had to succumb to the reality cell phones do not work on islands. After the scary drive over the water, twice, to reach the island, I became mesmerized by the beauty of nature, shared only with seagulls.

Silence is an amazing leveler of what really matters most, and that is to be present to the gift of squirrels, sea green of the ocean, sky ever so blue, orange and yellow, and the promise of the stars in the deep blue-black sky that follows the sunset. So, prepare yourself this winter, like the squirrel, and enjoy the silence winter can bring. And if you are fortunate to live in a place called heaven, like Florida, then continue to relish your sunsets that quiet the soul.

New Adventures!

I am approaching this new year with a more conscious watchful eye. Life is happening fast and I am watching my own response as if I were observing another colleague, with lots of care, smiles, and calm breathing. I invite you to participate in the greatest event you will undertake this year. Your own creative, amazing developing life! Worry less about others, and worry not about anything. Enjoy being you. You are exactly where you are supposed to be, and now is a wonderful time, being the only time we actually have at this present moment.

So figure out what makes you smile without money. If you could receive a love note today from the Universe, how would you want to be acknowledged for your hard work? It may be a stroll in the park, time with your pet, or relaxing with a friend over tea. Take time for you today, and smile. I am so happy you are uniquely you, created for this moment. Now enjoy!


Happy New Year!

CalmkidsphotoThere is something attentive and peaceful about children holding candles. It shows me their hope and wisdom as they embrace the light with their tiny confident hands. During these dark days of winter, the snow and ice create more time nesting at home. Vision boards can inspire us, unexpected four-legged creatures adopt us, and families surprise and disappoint us. Like a child bringing light into our lives, I pray this day restores and renews your faith in your self, humanity, and your God. May you be daily encouraged to bring light into those dark places your life takes you. “A thousand candles can be lit by a single candle.” Let today be lit up by you!


What would your prayer flag read?

What would your prayer flag read?

In my Master’s class, our team taught on collaboration within our communities. We created prayer flags and strung them together. There is one basic lesson we live by, whether taught to us as a child, or embraced as an adult. My dad always said, “Be your word, it’s all you have.” I remember that lesson, whether I am saying yes to coffee with a new friend, or promising to return a call or email. Share with us what your one truth is, that makes you the person we all enjoy spending time with and being vulnerable. We all appreciate your wisdom!

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